The Sticker Shop Co. // Affordable Functional Planner Stickers Haul & First Impressions

I have been obsessed with my vertical column planner since I got it in May. I’m a proud Plum Paper Planner, and I am a big fan of their designs for planner layouts (AKA Lines! Why do no planners have writing lines anymore???). And functional stickers to accent it, of course. Unfortunately, I just hadn’t got the opportunity to get a big batch of basics until recently. Enter: Chelsea & The Sticker Shop Co.


I found Chelsea and her shop through her shop’s Instagram (like many others, I’m sure). She happened to be having an AMAZING 4th of July sale going on, so I decided to take the plunge. At the time a whole hullabaloo was going on with Etsy’s payment processing, so she ended up extending the sale, and it conveniently worked out (as someone who’s income “comes in”, haha, on the 6th and 21st). I don’t regret it at all, as everything is lovely, but it is a fairly large haul. I definitely won’t need stickers for a while.

But let’s be real, I’ll probably find something super kawaii and have to have it.

The main reason why I decided to order was a combination of the overall super affordable prices and the bomb discount code for the 4th of July sales. I normally wouldn’t include something like this, but this was such a good deal that I must show you!


As with many sticker shops, it pays to wait for sales, and definitely use available coupon codes. Often these are found in Instagram bios, or on recent posts announcing sales. I have never bought stickers if I don’t have a coupon code, flat out. It just isn’t necessary. On smaller orders, they can make an even bigger difference!

The gorgeous freebie sampler! I think I’ll end up pairing this with the kit that I purchased, as the pinks are quite similar and the silver glitter detailing is awesome.


Here is said kit! And here is a highlight of The Sticker Shop Co: the prices. This shop is amazing for those on a budget. This two sheet kit was $3.75, even before discount. Under two bucks a sheet is just amazing for a kit. The colours and designs are impressive on this, but I think TSSC definitely shines on their rainbow and functional items.


Weekend banners… ahh… I’ve missed having these! I love both of these designs for different reasons. I consider the ones on the left to be a bit more decorative, the right to be more functional.

The decorative ones are a unique design to Chelsea’s shop, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen a shop include coordinating Friday labels! Very cute! I’m definitely saving the deep dark red weekend banner for the week of Christmas 🎅🎄

The thin weekend banners are a more realistic option for the budget conscious. With 25 on a sheet, they will cover you for a long time without needing to repurchase. They also come in a wide array of shades that will apply to most colour themes that you could create! Also vibrant and well cut, and they take up less space than a traditional weekend banner if that’s your cup of tea, or need more space to write on the weekends.


Onto icons~

Icons are absolutely one of the highlights of my planning experience. Somehow, they’re both decorative and functional, and can totally play into a colour theme. They’re nice for accenting simple appointment or half boxes. Just, they’re so fun for me, and it’s kind of like a Pokemon gotta catch ’em all and have a sheet of every design. I showed some restraint on this order, of course, but seeing that Chelsea recently designed some mini coffee cups and balloons has me all 👀👀👀

All of the icons I bought were $2.50 a sheet before discount.



I know these seem like very grown up icons. Shopping carts, shopping bags and phones. Oh, and by the way, there are sooooo many phones on that sheet, I won’t need more for years ☎️☎️☎️ Especially with my phone anxiety 😉❤. Spectacular colouring on these btw, for pastel toned stickers they are incredibly bright.



Woo, packing boxes! I know they’re probably the least exciting sticker in the world, but I love using them. Because guess who’s addicted to online shopping…. -> Me. Also cars! 🚗 I love road trips, and I’m actually looking forward to getting my driver’s permit and license over this next year or so. I think they will be a very useful sticker for me! Suitcases will probably be handy too, even though vacations are few and far between around here. We often stay over for a night or two at family friend’s houses after bonfires and such. Same thing with the little row of airplane stickers at the bottom, enough for a life time! ✈️



Laptops, of course, I’ve been needing these forever. In fact I think they would have been perfect for when I was taking online classes (I just graduated, I’ve got my diploma to prove it!). 💻 These will also be nice to mark when I publish blog posts and such. I like the variation in design, and the usage can be customized as necessary from plain to hearts to work. So unique in the scope of planner stickers!

Also mixed icons! I find these so handy for when you need them. For example, I don’t wash windows often, so I don’t need a whole sheet of spray bottle stickers, but it is so practical to have these when you need to label an activity.

Onto some rainbow basics~

This is my last category of stickers I’ll be covering today. I believe these can be one of the most functional types of stickers, especially for planners who are willing to deal with white space planning but still want their planners to be cute, aesthetic, colourful AND functional.



Wooo, probably the most practical yet least exciting sticker types of all; tear drops and rainbow dots. I use tear drops constantly, at least one every week. Rainbow dots are more sparing for me, simply allow me to mark things that don’t need a box, but I still want to make sure that I notice. I love the look of them, and they are really cute, and will last me FOREVER.




Full Boxes 😍 I really love the design of these, and the colours are soooo vibrant IRL. I use these mostly for layering and decorative reasons, as my planner is lined for a reason. My favourite way is to place my hydrate mason jars over the top for the layered effect.

Layered full box underneath one of my hydrate tracking mason jars.




I find half boxes so aesthetically pleasing! These are TSSC’s Gem half boxes, and again, the colours are very unique. They’re far from standard rainbow. I got these two sheets for $5. $2.50 for 24 half boxes is such a bomb deal, when shops usually sell 12 for $3. (I think that’s highway robbery, personally, in such a saturated market).

A beautiful pinky coral half box!



You think it’s one sheet of stickers??? No- WHABAM, 2 Sheets! I’m sure these are set up this way to maximize amount for shipping, I definitely appreciate it. I have never seen this design before, outlined box stickers, but I think they look great for when you may be doing a multiple colour theme. Again, $3 for this whole sheet. Of 32 half boxes.

(I’m always impressed by that, every time I see it. Anyways, moving on.)



Traditional rainbow filled half boxes. I figured these were a necessary addition to this order, as I had one remaining rainbow half box to my name, and they are just such a well designed sticker. Definitely a necessity if you don’t use themed kits every week for your spreads.


This is an interesting functional sticker, they are called Tab Boxes in Chelsea’s shop! I would describe this as an appointment half box, and they function so well in a spread. You can create small lists with a title in the shaded area at the top, or even flip them upside down to use in different ways. Very versatile, I like them a lot. Not necessarily essential, but definitely a great asset to the planning experience.

List format on a Tab Sticker with a package icon sticker.



Finally, onto some smaller stickers. These are quarter boxes, I believe in the gem colorway. They function the same as say a flag or a banner, but just allow you to block off the whole space evenly. Mini half boxes, if you will. 48 total come on a sheet, so awesome for the price.

Quarter Boxes & Rainbow Dots in action.



These stickers are the final ones I ordered. These are a bit of an amalgamation between a quarter box and a tear drop. Again, these are the outlined style. This sheet is a bit smaller compared to what I believe to be TSSC’s normal, but it was marked at a lower price than the larger sheets. I think I would’ve preferred paying a bit more for an extra column or so in this design. #NoTeaNoShade, they’re perfect, nothing wrong with them. I quite like this design, and will use them up, but I don’t know if I’d repurchase as is.

Very cute personalization on the cello bag protecting the stickers. Would it be shady to say I actually peeled this sticker off and stuck it in my planner? Well, my lips are sealed as to if I did or didn’t. XX

As you can probably tell, I’m extremely pleased with TSSC. I consider this a reliable shop option. It shipped out extremely quickly, especially considering the size of the order. I purchased on the 7th, they shipped on the 12th, and I received them on the 15th. Eight days. Amazing.

And I think that’s the best way to describe The Sticker Shop Co. Amazing. For my style of planning, there isn’t a type of sticker in the shop that I wouldn’t like or use. The versatility is unbeatable, in my opinion, while still having enough variety to cover in between. For what I would consider budget prices, even before discount, the quality AND quantity is ridiculous.

If you are looking to get some of your first basic stickers, or some more functional pieces to supplement your sticker collection, I highly recommend Chelsea and The Sticker Shop Co.

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The Sticker Shop Co.’s Instagram ///

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