Being Sick is like Being Dead (but worse).

As I sit here, at the start of the summer before my gap year, I spend a lot of my time researching my future, watching through The Walking Dead with la madre (which is an accomplishment that I’m definitely going to write a post on), and just faffing around with my family and friends. And it’s mostly been chill. I literally just got my diploma and final transcript from school in the mail.

And I got sick. I didn’t even feel it coming on. Yesterday, I woke up dead.

I’m a firm believer in the idea that we take advantage of the times that we’re not sick. When our throats aren’t scratchy, our sinuses aren’t swelled, and we aren’t coughing our brains out. I was lucky in the fact that I’m at home, but being sick when in a brick and mortar environment is terrible. Worst of the worst.

When I was in a physical school, I very rarely could afford to take off days when I was sick. I only got ten days off of school a year, as if! Normally, when I would get sick, it would last for weeks.

The reason for that is kinda funny, but basically, anemia → low immune system → get sick super easily. Paired with the fact that I was really unhappy in school, it just made everything worse! By the time I got into an online environment for my junior and senior year, everything just kinda sorted itself out. I got sick one time in the past two years after leaving the brick and mortar school. However, now that I’ve officially graduated, it’s nothing but ironic that I get sick less than a week after finishing high school, huh?

Maybe I’m just kidding myself into finding extra meaning in something that isn’t there. All I know is I’m hydrated up to my gills, my blood is basically Raspberry Emergen-C and Halls Cough Drops, and I still feel like I’m dying. I spent most of the morning removing mucus from my various face orifices through violent means. So, while I do not love being sick, I would highly recommend being sick if you’re in the mood for a simulation of what death is like.

I’m off to drink some water, take some acetaminophen, and have a nap. If you’re not sick right now, please take a deep breath in through your nose and notice yourself swallowing without shooting pains. For me. And if coincidentally, you are sick too, brother in arms, nothing but strength to you in your quest for health.

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