Rimmel London // ScandalEyes Kohl Kajal Waterproof Eyeliners Review

** While writing this blog post I’m watching The Walking Dead. The Season 5 midseason finale. Just so you know I’ll really be testing this out because I’ll be bawling my eyes out at ****’s death. Lovely.

Hi! Welcome back! Today I’m going to be reviewing one of my favourite eyeliners of all time. Oh wait… I ruined the surprise. Well, I might as well tell you why I love them so much.

Full Length View
Sorry if mine look a bit trampy in photos, believe it or not I do use them often! ^_^

These liners will run ya under $5, specifically $4.49 at Ulta Beauty. The packaging is simple, and they are not retractable (ie they need to be sharpened). In my opinion, these are the best of the best for pencil eyeliners.

In fact, these eyeliners are what got me into a more natural look and using nude on the waterline. I have very large round protruding eyes, which I actually love, but in terms of cosmetics, they look best with a defining color in the waterline. That’s what I love the black for, as the coloring is a rich pigmented black.


*** Okay… She’s passed. The way Rick shakes his head as he walks out, and then Daryl walks behind him with her in his arms 😭😭😭. Maggie’s face kills me every single time. They really don’t ever give any conclusion at mid Season, huh? 

I have extremely fair skin, so I was concerned when I got the nude color if it even was going to be too dark on me. However, I find that because I use a black mascara on both my top and bottom lashes, it actually shows in a pretty way and makes a nice contrast.

I think this photo really shows the true opacity, look where it covers my vein. Awesome for red early morning eyes!

In terms of application, the kajal texture really shines here. The creamy one swipe opacity is amazing, and really has spoiled me for any other pencil. Along the same vein, the waterproof claim is true. And I find the formula across the different shades very similar. It endures tears without running, as well as holding up on a normal day (aka days when you don’t watch TWD) for at least eight hours. I tend not to wear my makeup on a longer than that. But! Based on the intensity I have after 8 hours though (minimal wear on the inner corners), I think it could last a lot longer than that.

Left Black swatch is one pass over, the right is built up. Not much difference, eh?

**** They really know how to just kill ’em and leave the audience dying for more. The upsides of binge watching shows, I suppose. Morgan’s scene here is also really great. Sigh. Onto Episode 9. Really nice midseason finale though!

All in all, these are my true go-to pencil and general eyeliners. The wear time is nice is you’ll be wearing it for an extended amount of time. They are always reliable, super easy to sharpen, and simply look great when applied. I think I always will love these liners for what they are, even if something mindblowing comes into the eyeliner arena. Just all around a great product, for beginners and makeup junkies a like!

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